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Canopy Has a Better Way.

If you’re looking for a great way to get the MOST VALUE from your marketing budget, you can start a project or discuss a partnership with Canopy today. We specialize in developing BETTER BRANDING and producing HIGH-QUALITY VISUALS to help your company look it’s best. You can take pride in more productive teamwork that creates professional, quality, creative, and consistent marketing that outshines your competition! Don’t break the bank spinning your wheels on in-house piecemeal projects, when better branding is the EASIEST way to get the most value from your marketing budget.

There’s a big world out there, waiting for you to showcase what you have to offer! Let’s put your best foot forward.

  • Start a new logo design
  • Build an effective website
  • Book a custom photo library shoot
  • Get some new marketing materials
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Professional Photography

Canopy offers a broad range of high-quality visual services and better branding to support your business. Professional photography is often a major distinguishing factor when potential clients research providers online. Authentic and high-quality visuals are important. Affordable pricing ensures you can ditch generic stock or in-house photography and invest in more effective materials for your business.

Real Estate Photography

For Real Estate Agents, Air Bnb Owners, Rental Property Owners, Bed & Breakfasts, and More

Commercial Architectural Photography

For Construction, Interior Design, Staging, Vacation Properties, Hotels, Resorts, and More

Custom Photo Library Shoots

Professional and custom photography catered to your marketing needs. Meant to replace generic stock from online providers. Currently specializing in Healthcare and Real Estate.

Event Photography

For corporate events, parties, fundraisers & charity events, trade shows, award ceremonies, and more.


Professional headshots and portraits for businesses and entrepreneurs.


Branding Development

Web Design, Logo Design, Copywriting, Marketing Materials, and More

Don't wait until it's too late to establish better branding for your business. Branding is the easiest way to make the most from your marketing budget. Without branding guidelines, marketing projects lack the framework they need for efficiency. Every project that your customer sees should be branded to reinforce the greater value of your business. Professional logo design is the first way you can say something about your business without actually saying anything at all. The best time to start branding work is before you've purchased an LLC, or at a time when your business is about to grow substantially, or when feedback has made it obvious that your branding has become outdated. A full branding project includes logo design, web design, photo library development, custom graphics, copywriting, marketing material design, and email campaign design and development. An ongoing branding partnership provides marketing materials, copywriting, and high-quality custom visuals based on your marketing needs.

Looking for help on a project or a partner in marketing?