High-Quality Visuals & Better Branding

For More Successful Marketing & Improved Productivity. Specializing in Michigan Healthcare & Greater Lansing Real Estate.

A logo is the first way you can say something about a business without needing to say anything at all.

  • Custom Design Process
  • Branding Expertise
  • Creative Concepts
  • Multiple Final Designs for Various Usages

If you’re unhappy with what stock photography has to offer or if in-house photography isn’t the professional quality you need:

  • Generate your own personalized photo library structured around your business
  • Unique images copyrighted for your use only
  • Real Estate, Airbnb, Vacation Properties, Architecture, Commercial, and more

Building your online presence from scratch or updating an outdated site and don’t know where to begin?

  • Boost traffic
  • Generate Leads
  • Showcase your added value against your competitors
  • Facilitate sales
  • Share collateral
  • Highlight Team Members
  • Professional design for improved brand recognition

If your best marketing efforts aren’t generating the right results, we can help!

  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Business Cards
  • Booklets
  • Swag
  • Apparel
  • Mailers
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Blog Articles
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100% Creative Professionals

Specialized Experience from Talented, Local, College-Educated, Creative Professionals

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10+ Years Experience in the Greater Lansing Area

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Specialized Services in Real Estate & Healthcare

Client Testimonials
"I can't emphasize enough the need for professional photography to properly market homes for sale in today's environment. The vast majority of buyers are making decisions about seeing homes based primarily on listing photos, so you need to show the property in the best light. Jennifer knows how to stage and shoot homes realistically and tastefully. I won't list a home without her professional services."
Char Konen, Clark Construction
Manager of Corporate Procedures
"When I think of Jenny I think of reliability, creativity, honesty, and dependability. I have hired her for numerous listing photoshoots and she is continuously fitting me into her schedule so the client can have their home listed ASAP with beautiful pictures. Its important to hire a photographer that understands how to shoot each home uniquely. Jenny is able to see each home differently, she is able to achieve wide angel shots and truly bring each space to life. I look forward to continue working with Jenny on all of my listings. She isn't just a photographer, she's an asset, a friend, and someone you can trust."
Jessica Smeak, Smeak Real Estate

The needs of your business are unique to you, and require unique solutions to keep you moving in the right direction. There is no ‘one size fits all’ in marketing and branding, so it’s important to first assess what you have working for you already, and then propose what you may need to further your business. We don’t push sales. At Canopy, we highly value working with your budget and timeline to accomplish your goals in the best way possible!

Once a guideline is in place, our creative professionals will tailor numerous plans that will all take you in the direction you want to go. With a goal firmly in place, and your needs assessed, it’s important to make sure we set off on a path that you feel good about! Having options is the key to your happiness and satisfaction. We are here to cater to you, with a balance of professional expertise and friendly customer service.

If it looks good ‘on paper’, it’s time to put our carefully formulated plans to work! Only the strongest most developed marketing and branding tactics will make their way to the public’s eye, and we will carefully evaluate changes to ensure your business is experiencing the outcomes we’re striving for. Uniformity, professionalism, and creativity are all important in launching the many facets of our plan to grow your business.

Why break the bank SPINNING Your WHEELS on in-house piecemeal projects, when better branding is the EASIEST way to get the most VALUE from your marketing?



Get the most value from your budget using professional branding as a foundation for more efficient and consistent marketing development.



Want to lead a successful and productive team? Easily improve team productivity by providing high-quality visual resources to populate marketing projects.



Want to be known for high-quality work? Outshine your competition by outsourcing the creative element of your marketing strategy.

You can take PRIDE in helping your company look it's very BEST, outshining the competition while improving team productivity.


Are you giving it 110% but frustrated at work, lacking resources, and falling short of your full potential? Do you need professional guidance & services to keep up with the competition, and create a more consistent & high-quality look for your business?

Don't do it alone.

  • We need better branding.
  • We need high-quality visuals.